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The woes of a just married man

I was married two days ago and I got home a wife, Oh boy! I can tell you, overnight, it changed my entire life. The new in-law family keep telling me what to do, They preach me about pleasing my wife and the magic words like ‘sorry and thank you’. I am advised to keep my wallet and heart open always, I am told to agree with my wife, no matter what she says. My mother moved to a different place as she was advised by neighbors and friends, They told her 498A and domestic violence are the new ways of earning money as the twitter hashtag trends, Its not that I did not know my wife from before, We were in a live-in for the last one year and we were sharing every chore. But today, things have taken a 180 degree turn, My wife tells me to make tea and shouts at me if the chapatis burn. She can slap me if I say something wrong, But I cannot say anything since she is a woman strong. Her abuse and her harsh words can rip me apart, Her cruelty breaks my heart

The red letter day

June - 2019- I discovered an irony in this great country. In the so called male dominated society, there are no rules for men! Rules have only been created for women whether it is domestic violence or dowry. There are no rules for men at all! As if men are not human but devils who deserve to be punished even when innocent!