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The mother-in-law factor that acts as a catalyst in destruction of today's marriages!

The girl's mother-in-law said, 'A son will carry the family name forward.' The father-in-law was reading the newspaper and nodded his head. He loved daughters but had no say. The boy's mother-in-law said, 'you take all the money from your husband.' The girl who was listening to her agreed. She didn't want to disappoint her mother. The girl's mother-in-law said, 'you don't listen to your wife or I will not talk to you.' The boy agreed since he did not want his mother to feel bad. The boy's mother-in-law said, 'don't let your husband listen to his mother.' The girl agreed.She wanted to be the perfect daughter for her mother. The girl's mother-in-law told the father-in-law, 'you better do what I say or else there will be hell to pay.' The father-in-law looked at her and sighed. The boy's mother-in-law said, ' you file a dowry case so that we can get their money and pay our loans. At least you can do

A new fairy tale of the empowered woman of India

In our old stories, we have women searching for their prince charming who would love them and care for them and their parents. The women in turn would look after their in-laws and live happily ever after. However, the modern day woman does not want to do anything except be loved and pampered with loads of money from her husband. Her in-laws to her just flies in the soup who should be taken to task the moment the marriage is solemnized. She doesn't even care for her husband because he is not important, his money is! So, how will she get her prince charming? Simply by filing a 498a or a domestic violence and getting loads of money from the husband and in-laws. She will use the laws, the police to get all that she wants! Then she will start searching for her next victim! 

The Woman Who Faked Her Own Suicide To Get Her Husband Arrested

I was reading about Komal Talan, a woman who went at great lengths to get her husband arrested for dowry. She did not cry out for help or call the police to get her husband arrested for allegedly demanding dowry. But, she planned everything to the last detail and staged a suicide which created hell for her husband. She even made a fake identity (a trainee manager can create a fake identity and travel half the country with it!) But what happened when she was discovered? She was simply handed over to her family and her husband was arrested. This lady was a trainee manager with an insurance company in Delhi. She was going to office everyday. She could have walked out of her in-laws place and gone to her parents place any day but she did not. She wanted her husband and his family behind bars and the police did exactly that. Here, to be fair, I do not know who is at fault. The husband is out on bail. But the question is why did she do it? Were her parents not supportive enough and she h

A bill to help people get justice and deter people against filing false dowry cases too in Bangladesh!

I recently came across this news item of September 2018. Bangladesh is a younger country than ours, yet they have a more progressive law. Why cannot India do the same? This is more about gender neutrality. Why cannot we ask for the same thing.  Provision of 5 years jail for demanding dowry has been incorporated The parliament on Sunday passed the Dowry Prohibition Bill, 2018 in an amended form keeping a provision of maximum five years imprisonment and Taka 50,000 as fines for demanding dowry. State Minister for Women and Children Affairs Meher Afroz Chumki moved the bill in the House, which was passed unanimously by voice votes with Deputy Speaker Fazley Rabbi Mia in the chair, reports BSS. Piloting the bill, the state minister said the proposed bill will replace the Dowry Prohibition Act, 1980 and amend the three subsequent ordinances promulgated on 1982, 1984 and 1986. At the same time, the proposed bill has also incorporated a provision of five years jail and Tk

What is life after filing a false 498A or DV case?

Here is an answer from a woman who filed a false 498a on Quora. She was influenced by her friend.  Who can answer this better then me. I am a women, a divorced women and I don’t know if I was a victim or I made a victim. I am repenting now and the repent has no values. I had put my legs on axe and my own people helped me push my legs against that axe. Since I am writing this anonymously as I do not want to reveal my identity, I will give the very details of what happened and my suffering now.Now when I look back I can see the monster I had become. My name is Riya and am from Kolkata. I had done a false dowry and DV case on my Husband. I don’t want to blame because enough of blame game I played till now but now if I get that friend of mine who used to teach me how to overpower your husband and how to get rid of in-laws, I will kill her without any second thought. My friend had a troubled married life and I invited her to my marriage. Till my marriage everything was good.