The Woman Who Faked Her Own Suicide To Get Her Husband Arrested

I was reading about Komal Talan, a woman who went at great lengths to get her husband arrested for dowry. She did not cry out for help or call the police to get her husband arrested for allegedly demanding dowry. But, she planned everything to the last detail and staged a suicide which created hell for her husband.
She even made a fake identity (a trainee manager can create a fake identity and travel half the country with it!)
But what happened when she was discovered? She was simply handed over to her family and her husband was arrested. This lady was a trainee manager with an insurance company in Delhi. She was going to office everyday. She could have walked out of her in-laws place and gone to her parents place any day but she did not. She wanted her husband and his family behind bars and the police did exactly that.
Here, to be fair, I do not know who is at fault. The husband is out on bail. But the question is why did she do it? Were her parents not supportive enough and she had to go at great lengths to prove how tortured she was? Does she want money? Was she in love with someone else and her parents had not agreed to the match which is why all this drama? Only time will tell if she was really tortured or if she is using the law to get money out of her in-laws!


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