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Divorce is no longer a taboo. Get your daughter divorced as many times as you want and earn money!

Women of India are in solid luck or shall we say solid money! They have the best possible means of earning money. Husbands! The richer the husband the better it is! All they need to do is file a 498a complaint or the triple talaq complaint! They will not only get the money but also the sympathy of many. There is no way to trace their wrong doings since they can marry and divorce as many number of people as they want in different parts of the country.  The police people are also involved in this scam to quite an extent. If the boy's family  doesn't choose out of court settlement, then they can get ready for a grueling of a life time which will impact their life, jobs and sanity. So the girl wins in all the circumstances. Even if the boy commits suicide the girl will win. Even if the boy pays the girl, the girl will win! This is better than being in a 9-5 job. WOMEN NEED NOT DO A JOB. THEY CAN EARN MONEY IN A LUMP SUM! I read somewhere that one of the lawyers or th