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In the end, it is all nonsense!

We think about so many things. We are constantly striving to make things work and create something that would last us for a life time. However, most of the times, nothing lasts forever. We build up theories on how life should be, how our children should behave, how our parents should lead their lives etc. We spend time thinking about all this and life throws us a curve ball which converts all our well-thought theories to nonsense. My new book is about many of these theories that we keep forming about our lives, our world and everything else. Do read it and let me know if you have any such theories that have been with you for a long time. I would love to hear from you!                                                                       Regards,                                                                       Shailaza Singh

The First Divorce in India- Ram-Sita

Ram was considered the ideal man. Maryada Purushuttam or the perfect man they used to call him. Then, how is it that this ideal man doubted his chaste wife and banish her on the word of a washerman? Was he a people pleaser who did just cared about what people in his kingdom thought of him? Was he not bothered about his wife? Why was he asking his wife to prove her innocence again and again? Ram probably thought that she was over reacting since he was only trying to keep his people happy. He may have even felt that she was being ungrateful after all that he had done for her in rescuing her from Ravana etc. I wonder. Looking at today's scenario, I think perhaps when Sita asked Mother Earth to take her away from this world since she was tired of constantly proving her devotion to Ram and his family, it was probably the first divorce in the history of the civilized world. Sita went back to her mother after raising her children and handing them over to her husband. Her husband

Freedom Letter

Freedom is really something worth having. Especially, when you have been living under the shadow of stress and tension for the last one year. Especially when you have been wondering and thinking about why did things happen the way they did. A close friend got married in 2018 after 9 months of live-in. When I look back, it looks like a well-hatched plan. The lady moved in with my friend and said that she had lied to her parents.  After ten months, the lady's parents went to my friend's parents and said that since their daughter was living in with him, the two need to be married. My friend's parents agreed since my friend who used to live alone had recently come out of a divorce and seemed to be happy with this girl. They got married. My friend gave this girl his business to run, paid for her music and dance classes, gave her loads of money and everything she wanted. They lived alone and whenever my friend's parents came this girl extracted money out of them t

No Tax on Alimony for women!

In a recent case of domestic violence, a woman pocketed a huge amount from her husband as the alimony in a mutual divorce settlement. This woman who is known as the ‘the man eater’ in her circles has been married four times to men belonging to very well-known families. She works only to identify well-to-do grooms and their families. Nonsense Times talked to the woman to understand her modus operandi. Why did you divorce your current husband? Oh! This was my plan all along. I married him because he used to give me a lot of money during our live-in period.   I would have stayed with him longer but then he screamed at me because I was telling him what a useless man he was. So, I decided to divorce him. How did you meet him? He was a fitness instructor and as you can see I am a fitness enthusiast. So, he used to sell an organic product which he used to make. I called him up for something and at that time he had just come out of a divorce. I acted sympathetic and in

The old laws of India give women new ways to earn big money!

Women are the new money earners in India in 2020. 

A letter to all the single men who live alone in India

Dear Men Who Live Alone,                                                How are you? I pray to God that you are fine. Are you in a relationship? Are you seeing someone? Are you hoping to see someone? If you are looking at either marriage or live in at some point in life, then here are some important points to THINK ABOUT. 1. These days, the girls and their parents look for making big bucks in a short period of time. So, they look for men who stay away from their family. 2. Though single men who live away from their family are a good idea, a better idea for such girls and their parents are men who have been recently divorced. Such men are a good catch because they are emotionally vulnerable and are feeling upset and angry. 3. These girls and women latch on to such men as damsels in distress. Nothing makes a man feel more powerful than a woman who asks him for help. 4. Since the family is not around, the women are able to ensnare the guy through their charms. All this wh