Freedom Letter

Freedom is really something worth having. Especially, when you have been living under the shadow of stress and tension for the last one year. Especially when you have been wondering and thinking about why did things happen the way they did.

A close friend got married in 2018 after 9 months of live-in. When I look back, it looks like a well-hatched plan. The lady moved in with my friend and said that she had lied to her parents. 

After ten months, the lady's parents went to my friend's parents and said that since their daughter was living in with him, the two need to be married. My friend's parents agreed since my friend who used to live alone had recently come out of a divorce and seemed to be happy with this girl.

They got married. My friend gave this girl his business to run, paid for her music and dance classes, gave her loads of money and everything she wanted. They lived alone and whenever my friend's parents came this girl extracted money out of them too. She used to ill-treat them all the time and make the parents fight with their son. 

After ten months, she went back home on the pretext of attending a marriage. From there, she messaged him that she wanted one lakh rupees to pay her installments. My friend gave it. 

The next thing my friend knew was that she had filed a dowry and domestic violence case against my friend's entire family. The father of the girl demanded 50 lakhs. We later came to know that the father had a lot of loans to payoff and this is how he used to pay off his loans. Anyways since my friend was not in a condition to fight the case as he was quite taken aback by everything, somehow through common friends, the amount was settled at 16 lakhs. The girl took the jewelry, the business, the money and left us to pick up the pieces. 
Well, the mutual divorce was finally settled.  My friend can breathe again. He can live his life again. I

Friends, these days, women have found a new way to earn money using the anti-dowry law. Please don't fall into such traps. Enjoy your independence and your own company.  Marriage is not the ultimate aim of life.


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