No Tax on Alimony for women!

In a recent case of domestic violence, a woman pocketed a huge amount from her husband as the alimony in a mutual divorce settlement. This woman who is known as the ‘the man eater’ in her circles has been married four times to men belonging to very well-known families. She works only to identify well-to-do grooms and their families. Nonsense Times talked to the woman to understand her modus operandi.

Why did you divorce your current husband?
Oh! This was my plan all along. I married him because he used to give me a lot of money during our live-in period.  I would have stayed with him longer but then he screamed at me because I was telling him what a useless man he was. So, I decided to divorce him.

How did you meet him?

He was a fitness instructor and as you can see I am a fitness enthusiast. So, he used to sell an organic product which he used to make. I called him up for something and at that time he had just come out of a divorce. I acted sympathetic and interested in his product. Before long, we were talking. He took a liking to me. At that time, I was living in a PG and when he suggested that I save my money by moving in with him, I took the offer.

So, how long did you live in?
We lived in for about 10 months after which my parents told his parents that since their son is living in with me, it is time to get both of us married else people will start talking. His parents thought their son was getting a second chance at life and agreed. They had no choice actually. By then, their son was literally eating out of my hands (laughs). Men are so foolish!

So, what did you do then?
I told his parents (through him) of course that they should give me a lot of jewelry since our family is very status conscious. His parents as usual agreed.

Why did you decide to end your marriage?

See, when I got married to him, I had been living in with him for 10 months. When his mother and father came, I also had to make tea for them in the morning (sighs). That was a pain. I used to keep his house neat and clean. I knew I had done enough to deserve whatever money I was asking for. After all, I could not go on like this! Imagine sleeping with such a man!  What is the point of marriage if you cannot earn this money after tending to the man for ten months of marriage and ten months of live in? Had I remained his live-in partner I would not have got this money. That is why marriage is important. We can then demand our rights. After all, we work for our money!  Ten months had passed. I knew every detail about his business. I had siphoned off enough money from the business for myself. I told him the business was completely in loss. He trusted me completely. I had developed a great friendship with one of employees who was just like me. She said she will help me in extracting money from him. The moment I got married to him, I started acting up and fighting with him. To keep me happy, he used to pay for the different hobbies I pursued. His father used to give us a lot of money because we used to pretend that we never had money.  I was bored of him and then started troubling him in everything possible which frustrated him. My parents also wanted me out of his place so they told me to start acting up.
How could you extract so much money?

Oh! That was very simple! I moved out of his house in the tenth month of my marriage and then my father started talking to my ex-husband. He acted as if he wanted our marriage to succeed. And you know my ex-husband is such a fool! Even when I moved out, I asked him for money for my various hobbies and he actually transferred a huge amount. We used this money to bribe the law enforcing people to call him and harass him! My entire family harassed him so much mentally in the ten months I lived with him that he was in no state to fight the case in the court.

Why do you do this? Don't you feel bad doing it?

Of course not! This is business for me. I am young, fit and beautiful!  India has so many women centric laws. The government considers us weak and fragile so they believe every word that we say. And the women organizations don’t let the men even speak! See, for all women this is very beneficial act. We not only can earn our own money but also extract money from our ex-husbands and in-laws! Not only did I take a huge amount of money from my gullible ex-husband but also sabotaged his business which I will probably run for a while! I have payed up all my parents loans. They keep telling me to find new and rich men.   Imagine the kind of luxurious life we can lead. Who wants to stay married? I am really thankful for my parent's guidance! They keep telling me that a physical relationship is a small price to pay to earn such huge amounts of money!

What are your future plans?

Now, I plan to target an ultra-rich person. This one had to take loans to give me the money. Now, I will target a person who is rich and demand half his wealth! Imagine I don’t have to pay any tax on any kind of lump sum alimony. But for that I need to travel a bit because I haven’t been able to find any rich person because of the slow down of the economy!

Why don’t you target people in other countries?

Are you crazy? Other countries don’t have these kind of women-centric laws. There are no laws to protect men! You won’t find such easy money making laws for women in any country.


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