The First Divorce in India- Ram-Sita

Ram was considered the ideal man. Maryada Purushuttam or the perfect man they used to call him. Then, how is it that this ideal man doubted his chaste wife and banish her on the word of a washerman? Was he a people pleaser who did just cared about what people in his kingdom thought of him? Was he not bothered about his wife? Why was he asking his wife to prove her innocence again and again? Ram probably thought that she was over reacting since he was only trying to keep his people happy. He may have even felt that she was being ungrateful after all that he had done for her in rescuing her from Ravana etc.

I wonder. Looking at today's scenario, I think perhaps when Sita asked Mother Earth to take her away from this world since she was tired of constantly proving her devotion to Ram and his family, it was probably the first divorce in the history of the civilized world.

Sita went back to her mother after raising her children and handing them over to her husband. Her husband busied himself in the affairs of the state and his children. No one had anything else to say to each other. They pined for their loss but did what they thought was right.

Today, it is just not Sita who has to prove her innocence to her in-laws. It is Ram too. So, when despite everything you just cannot convince the person that you have their best interests in your heart, what is the point of staying in a relationship?

Divorces are painful but not more painful than a marriage where one person has to constantly become the sacrificial goat to appease the world or the other person whether a man or a woman!


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